An Important Announcement for LackofBelief Followers ONLY (please do NOT reblog this anywhere, nor even “like” it)

This is your lackofbelief co-blogger, robertlovespi.  I have discussed this with voluptuousatheist, who runs this blog with me on an equal basis, and has, since it started.  We do not make it a habit to speak for eath other, but as I have said, we have communicated about this.

When we started this shared Tumblr blog, we had no idea that a sense of community would form here, but it has.  Tumblr has a problem, though:  there is no effective system of communication here.  The “ask” box system, is, well, not an effective system.

There is now a new group on Facebook, which is a spinoff of this Tumblr-blog.  We are the only two members right now, and it is a secret group there (part of the reason why I am asking people not to reblog this).  It is intended to be the community page for those who follow this blog, and want to be a part of such a thing.  Like following this blog on Tumblr, joining “Lack of Belief” on Facebook is 100% optional.

Yes, this is a very long post.  There are good reasons for this.  Facebook groups don’t need to be very big — if they are very big, in fact, they almost always get fucked up in some manner.  I do not want that to happen, so I’m deliberately explaining a lot about this group, before revealing how to find us there.  That doesn’t mean I am not choosing my words carefully, though — these words actually SHOULD be read IF you want to join this group, despite my wordiness.

First, I must say this (this paragraph, only, may be skipped if it does not apply to you):  I do not have anyone who is a student at the school district where I teach as a friend on Facebook, nor can I have them in this new group on Facebook.  To my knowledge, this does not apply to any of you, for I do not tell my students how to find me on Tumblr, nor on Facebook.  This has nothing to do with my atheism, but is a sad consequence of the fact that teachers have to be careful, because of the sexual misconduct of OTHER teachers.  This is a personal policy I have chosen myself, not one imposed on me from anyone else.  The policy expires when students become former students, via graduation, transferral to another district, or permanent withdrawal.

Now, how do you get in, if you still want to after reading all of this?  First, find me on Facebook by going to www[dot]facebook[dot]com[slash]robertlovespi, and send me a message first, not a friend-request first.  I don’t approve “cold” friend-requests on Facebook.  Also, you probably don’t use the same name on Tumblr and Facebook, and I do want to know who you are before adding you to this group, because of its secrecy.  I just need to know, in the message, what your Tumblr-name is, and that you want to join the Facebook “Lack of Belief” group.  After that, we’ll talk.  There is more posted in the Facebook-LoB which explains this, but it involves the need to protect the privacy of atheists who are not “out” as atheists.

You also may contact my co-blogger, on Facebook, about joining — IF you know how to find her there.  I am not going to post “how to contact voluptuousatheist” information on Tumblr, even though I do know how, out of respect for her privacy.  It will be important for all of us to keep this sort of thing in mind, as explained in the group description on Facebook.

If you do become friends with me on Facebook, you will see the name and face of the person with whom I am in a relationship.  This person is not a Tumblr-user, does not wish to be, and is far more private on-line than I am, which is why even words that would reveal gender are not being used in this post.  It should be obvious that I place a great deal of importance on respecting these facts.  I do not force things on people, and that includes Tumblr and Facebook, both.

One last thing:  if you try the above, but cannot find me on Facebook to send me a message, please visit my personal Tumblr blog, robertlovespi, and drop me a line there.