The fun parts of being an atheist in a Catholic school and the Bible belt:

on an awesomeness scale of 1-10! (much sarcasm intended)

6-when people say that atheists are the reason the crime rate is so high

8-when people tell me that I’m just “rebelling against God”

7-when I get in trouble for referring to the Bible as a story

8-when Catholicism pops up in science class as “truth”

10-when adults tell me that I will for sure “come back to the faith” after I’m done rebelling, just because they did (“you’ll understand when you’re older”)

10-When I’m asked to “defend my beliefs” with a room full of Christians glaring at me, but am expected to do so without offending anyone

5-mandatory mass at my school

9-when people say that pro-choicers are baby killers

10-“The only explanations for being pro-choice are either being misinformed and ignorant or just evil”

9-when people ask me to pray for them, and I feel like a terrible person because I can’t tell them no

7-when people assume all Catholic school kids are “better” and “nicer” than public school kids

8-when people assume I am Catholic because I go to a Catholic school

10-“Oh, you’re not Catholic? Are you just Christian then?”

10-“If you have a problem with religion, then you should just leave the school, duh!”

9-“Religion doesn’t hurt people, people hurt people” (when in fact Catholicism has traumatized me, probably for life)

7-When we start every class every day with a prayer

"10-We don’t believe that non-Catholics are going to hell. Only people who deny God go to hell! And Muslims terrorists!" (MUSLIMS ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY TERRORISTS, PRICK)

6-when the largest club in school is the Pro-Life Club

It’s almost worth it whenever I find other undercover atheists in the school.

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